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About Us




ROHMAC is Proud to be
a West Virginia-based
US Manufacturer.



Rohmac was started in 1993 by two coal miners with considerable experience in underground mining production and maintenance.  For over 25 years, Rohmac has added skilled professionals with mining experience to its design and fabrication team, and is always focused on building equipment to help fix problems that coal miners are faced with everyday.  Many of our products have been designed to reduce the manual labor required to perform a task; some have been built to improve the safety of certain jobs, while increasing efficiency and protecting other equipment from damage.


Your business never sleeps, so you need to have reliable equipment when the job has to be done.  Rohmac is not only dedicated to producing products of the highest quality, but also to being a trustworthy partner, someone you can rely on when it matters.


Difficult problems require unique solutions.  When faced with conditions that prevent the use of existing methods, Rohmac uses a dynamic approach to create problem-solving equipment, turning “can’t be” into “done.”


Honest, Ethical, Solid, Sturdy, Character, Truthful.  No matter how you define it, integrity is the core that good business relies on, and it is the fundamental value upon which Rohmac has operated for over 20 years.

Quality Equipment

Rohmac, Inc. is a service and product manufacturing company dedicated to solving our customers' problems and providing quality equipment that meets or exceeds our customer's expectations. We do this in a manner that provides both top-quality products and service for our customers and rewarding careers for our employees.

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