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Modern infrastructure is an essential component of everyday life, connecting our world.  Bridges and culverts play a significant role in allowing travel across waterways, controlling stormwater; and they must sustain a critical balance with the environment.  Over time, these structures tend to become a collection point for sediment, trash and waste, or obstruction by large debris.  Not only does this material reduce the hydraulic capacity, it impedes the ability of maintenance entities to inspect the structure.  The size and nature of culverts makes them confined spaces, which present unique hazards to maintenance workers.  Obstructed culverts put roadways at risk of flooding, which can lead to structural damage, road closures, or traffic accidents.


The material that collects inside of drainage structures also presents a risk to the ecology of nearby waterways.  Trash and other wastes, as well as rocks, dirt, fine sedimentary particles, and even winter road treatment materials, get carried into culverts during increased flow events, where they settle.  Fine sedimentary particles can have a damaging effect to stream bed ecology when they accumulate on the bottom and essentially fill in around rocks and other voids that provide vital habitat for aquatic life.  A cleaning method such as jetting, or a high flow event with enough water to flush the structure simply sends all of this contamination downstream.  MICROTRAXX radio remote controlled compact track loaders are purpose built to help remove and contain material from drainage structures in a safe and efficient manner, restoring flow capacity, and improving the local environment.  Studies (AHMCT, ODOT) have shown that MICROTRAXX Equipment, when compared against traditional culvert cleaning methods such as hydro-excavation, cuts work crew time requirements nearly in half, reduces injury risk to workers, provides significant cost savings, and is a more environmentally friendly solution for culvert cleaning operations.


Available options include an integrated wireless video system, allowing the operator to see inside the structure while standing a safe distance away, bolt-on rounded cutting edge for cleaning out the bottom of round culverts, and bucket options from standard or multipurpose, to our unique swing-eject design that allows material to be cast to the side of the machine.  MICROTRAXX loaders are equipped with quick change adapters for attachments, allowing the machines to switch tools to perform a variety of tasks, with the power and capacity to get the job done.  With a variety of sizes and configurations available, contact us to discuss your needs, and find out which MICROTRAXX is right for you.


The MICROTRAXX model SL 436 Swingloader features a 360° excavator-style swing rotation that allows the machine to back out of a culvert and swing to dump material in any location, not only allowing the machine to quickly return to digging material, but nearly eliminating the need to steer with the tracks outside of the structure, typically in soft material, which reduces ground disturbance.  The machine can carry 1/3 yd³ (0.25 m³) of material, and lift 1500 lb (700 kg), and is made to fit inside of culverts from 48” (1.2m) box or 60” (1.5 m) round and larger.


The MICROTRAXX model MT 3234 is built to fit inside of culverts from 36” (0.9 m) box or 48” (1.2 m) round and larger.  The operator can raise or lower the rear engine compartment as needed to fit inside of low clearance structures or add ground clearance in uneven terrain.  With a 1/4 yd³ (0.2 m³) bucket and 1500 lb (700 kg) lift capacity, this machine has the digging power to move the packed bank material typically found inside of culverts.  The universal mini-skid steer adapter and telescopic boom features add to the abilities of this machine to perform a variety of tasks, and the tracks are interchangeable between steel for maximum traction in rough terrain, or rubber when minimal disturbance is required.


When you have to get under low height clearance areas, the MICROTRAXX MT 2242 goes where other machines simply cannot.  At only 22” (560 mm) tall, this machine takes power to new lows, working in previously inaccessible areas.  With common parts such as the same track drive system and loader attachment adapter as the MT 3234, this machine is built to complement your fleet of MICROTRAXX equipment, and improve your ability to maintain drainage structures.

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