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Underground mining is a diverse industry that requires innovative thinking to get the job done in demanding conditions.  Rohmac specializes in developing purpose built mine-duty products and machines that improve efficiency and safety, while solving problems for our customers.


MINE ROVER Equipment


Moving personnel and supplies in and out of a mine is one of the most important tasks at any mine site.  From machines as low as 32”, to the utility grader and water truck for haul road maintenance, Mine Rover personnel carriers and utility machines are built to get the job done.  


Personnel Carriers – PC 232, PC 732, PC 740

Utility Vehicles – MUV, MUT, MUG, MRWT

Loader – UT 843

Rail Products


Rohmac builds specialty rail cars to support your mining operations.  From bottom and side dump ballast cars, to electric powered track switches, and diesel powered water cars that can be used for dust control or fire-fighting, our products have been tested and proven to hold up in mining conditions.

Underground Coal Mining Equipment Diesel Exhaust Conditioning Systems

Rohmac Inc specializes in building and retrofitting diesel mining equipment with exhaust treatment systems, and ensuring that the machines meet the requirements of MSHA, and the states of OH, PA, and WV, for use in underground coal mines.  Our DEC systems provide a simple and effective solution to reducing the exhaust emissions of diesel particulate matter and carbon monoxide, while keeping exhaust gas and surface temperatures within the limits specified by regulating entities.  The high-quality ceramic diesel particulate filters and oxidation catalysts used in our systems offer maintenance free operation without the need to frequently change disposable filters.  Instead, DEC system filters can be cleaned and reused throughout the life of the machine.

exhaust wrap on 488 scoop.JPG


Rockdusting is an essential safety measure in underground coal mining. MICRODUSTER auxiliary and trickle dusters are designed to help maintain the incombustible content of your mine. The MD 1648 - designed for section fans, the MDF 36S - driven by hydraulic PTO, and the MD 2000 AC powered skid duster, all have variable auger-fed dust control to apply rockdust in trickle or utility applications as needed.

MD 1648 – hydraulic powered trickle duster with variable output

MD 2000 – electric powered duster VFD control of dust output trickle to bulk

MDF 36S – hydraulic PTO powered duster designed for dressing up areas

MD2000 DUSTER.jpg
MICRODUSTER MDF 36S on rail carrier.png
Mine Ventilation


Rohmac manufactures a variety of products to help maintain ventilation in your mine.  Use our prefabricated, reusable, Kwic- Door or Kwic-Cast (with walkways available) metal structures for air control.  Our mine-duty HRD 60 diesel-powered, portable auxiliary ventilation fans, built for underground quarries and hard-rock mines, will help improve air quality where you need it most.

Kwic Cast 

Kwic Door

HDR 60

Conveyor System Products

Rohmac products include custom built conveyor components from tailpieces, belt drives, transitions, impact beds, ceramic lined chutes, to speed sensing rollers, crossovers, columns, and even belt splicing stations.  From the face to the loadout, Rohmac helps to keep your material moving.

Vent 1.JPG
Vent 2.JPG
Vent 3.JPG
Other Products

Rohmac has a long history of providing unique and improved products for our underground mining customers.  From mantrip, rockduster, or custom bolter mast rebuilds, to improved CLAs, hydraulic / emulsion powered welders, and rib drill attachments, Rohmac specializes in providing products that help support your mining operation.


Bolter Mast Rebuilds

Spool Unwinder

Methane Cart

Hydraulic powered welder

Other 1.JPG
Other 2.JPG
Other 3.JPG
Other 4.JPG
Other 5.JPG
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