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Compact radio remote control track driven machines for construction and mining applications.

The idea that started Rohmac Inc.  A compact machine that could go into difficult to access areas of underground mines, with the capacity to perform work that had required demanding physical labor. A versatile machine that could quickly change implements to perform tasks ranging from loading and lifting debris, to hauling payloads; the track drive allowed it to traverse the most difficult of terrains, and the compact size allowed it to work in areas where larger equipment could not go. MICROTRAXX™ equipment is truly Power for Confined Spaces. The addition of radio remote control to the machines allowed work to be performed in hazardous areas, keeping the operator safely away from harm. 


MICROTRAXX™ construction equipment is often used in culvert and bridge applications. Models SL 436, MT 3234, and MT 2242 remove material obstructions quickly and efficiently from drainage structures as low as 24” in height. These machines are designed tough while being capable of working in environmentally sensitive areas such as stream beds. The use of biodegradable fluids in these machines help to reduce their environmental impact.

MICROTRAXX™ equipment for underground mining ranges from compact track loaders, tool carriers, and purpose-built payload hauling machines, drilling machines, and cutting machines, to the BC 1530 belt entry cleaner, made to remove material accumulated under the conveyor and discharge it onto the conveyor belt. A variety of power options are available, from electric to diesel. Let us tailor a MICORTRAXX to suit your needs.

MICROTRAXX collage.jpg
SL 448.jpg

SL 448

Improve the efficiency of your mining operation with the MICROTRAXX SL 448 remote-controlled, diesel-powered track loader. Whether moving material with the standard ejector bucket, or changing to a hammer, cutter head, trencher, or any variety of attachments, this compact tool-carrier machine brings power and versatility to get the job done.

♦ 48” Wide x 48” High x 144” Long
♦ 48 hp Diesel Engine Powered
♦ Radio Remote Control
♦ 360° Swing Rotation
♦ 1500 lb. Lift Capacity
♦ 2 Speed Planetary Track Drive
♦ 8,000 lb. Tractive Effort
♦ QDS System for Optional Attachments
♦ PA BOTE Approved

MTE 2834.jpg

MTE 2834, 2842

MICROTRAXX radio remote control loaders are also available as 480/575 VAC electric powered machines. The 28”overall height of the MICROTRAXX MTE 2834 and 2842 loaders work in low areas under conveyors and low mining heights where other machines simply cannot go.

♦ 28" Tall, 34" or 42" Wide

20 HP

♦ Radio Remote Control

♦ 1000 lb. lift

♦ Hydraulic PTO

♦ QDS System for Optional Attachments

♦ 2 Speed Planetary Track Drive

MT 560.jpg

MT 560

Need more power?  Step up to the heavy-duty MICROTRAXX MT 560 with more lifting capacity, more tractive effort, and high flow PTO hydraulics, giving you the capacity to tackle bigger jobs.

♦ 60” Wide x 45” High x 138” Long

♦ AC, DC, or Diesel Powered

♦ Radio Remote / Manual Controls

♦ 180° Boom Rotation (90°L, 90°R)

♦ 4000 lb. Lift Capacity

♦ (4) Direct Drive Tram Motors

♦ 10,000 lb. Tractive Effort

♦ QDS System for Optional Attachments

♦ Hydraulic PTO Circuit

MT 3434.jpg

MT 3434

Underground mines have no shortage of difficult to access and space restricted areas, especially around belt lines. The MICROTRAXX MT 3434 is designed to work in these areas where space is at a premium. This compact remote-controlled diesel-powered track loader, with its unique swing-eject bucket, can work along-side of a conveyor, and only needs a 36” wide opening to load material onto the belt.

♦ 34” Wide x 34” High x 152” Long
♦ 30 hp Diesel Engine Powered
♦ Radio Remote Control
♦ 1000 lb. Lift Capacity
♦ 2 Speed Planetary Track Drive
♦ 6,000 lb. Tractive Effort
♦ QDS System for Optional Attachments
♦ PA BOTE Approved

MT 540.jpg

MT 540

When versatility is required, MICROTRAXX MT series tool carriers are equipped to get the job done. The extendible loader boom with 180-degree swing allows an operator to use quick-change attachments to perform a variety of tasks. Available with diesel or electric source power, MICROTRAXX
MT series is tailor made for your needs.

♦ 46” Wide x 42” High x 120” Long

♦ AC, DC, or Diesel Powered

♦ Radio Remote / Manual Controls

♦ 180° Boom Swing (90°L, 90°R)

♦ 1000 lb. Lift Capacity

♦ Planetary Drive Tram Motors with Brakes

♦ 5200 lb. Draw Bar Pull

♦ QDS System for Optional Attachments

♦ Hydraulic PTO Circuit

TD 5030.jpg

TD 5030

Power centers are at the heart of any mining section, and they are large, heavy, and expensive. Protect your investment and improve your bottom line with the TD 5030 transporter. The machine is designed with a 22” carry deck height to haul power centers through mine entries. Plug the machine into a standard 128 V battery, and the dual-steering, all-terrain track drives allow an operator to quickly perform a power move, with reduced risk of injury to miners and damage to the power

♦ 83” Wide x 41” High x 283” Long Collapsed or 377” Long Extended
♦ 22” Deck Height
♦ Designed to carry power centers up to 35,000 lb
♦ 30 hp 128 VDC Motor
♦ Remote Controls
♦ Modular Design for Easy Transport
♦ Tracks Rotate for Easy Steering
♦ Tractive Effort 25,000 lb

MB 530.jpg

MB 530

Underground mines are dynamic environments, with changing roof and rib conditions. The MICROTRAXX MB 530 was built to help respond to these conditions when additional roof or rib support is needed. The compact machine can work around belt lines or other equipment, and is powered by hydraulic or even emulsion PTO lines, to put bolts where they are needed.

♦ Narrow footprint allows it to bolt along side of a belt line

♦ Uses a dry head and has a vacuum system to remove dust

♦ The mast has approximately 4 ft of travel and the boom will extend 40 inches

♦ A blade on the front of the machine helps to clear the walkway as well as stabilize the machine for drilling

♦ The top deck can carry supplies

RFD 6045.jpg

RFD 6045

Material spilled from conveyor haulage is misplaced income. The RFD 6045 reclaim feeder is designed to work along conveyor systems and transfer material onto the belt. The RFD 6045 can be paired with other MICROTRAXX machines to recover material, not only cleaning and restoring belt entries, but reclaiming lost profits.

♦ Diesel Engine Powered

♦ Hydraulic adjustment for conveyor height, tail swing, and leveling off of the track frames

♦ Customers are using this machine to recover spilled material along conveyor belts

MM 642.jpg

MM 642

The MM642 is designed to efficiently cut shelter holes along haulage entries. The cutting head with hydraulic up and down, and sump functions, quickly opens the shelter hole, while the conveyor moves cuttings away for fast cleanup. Water spray nozzles can also be added to help with dust control.

♦ 38” Wide x 50” High x 192” Long

♦ 50 hp 460 VAC Motor / Starter

♦ Radio Remote Controls

♦ Adjustable Angle Roof Stabs

♦ Discharge Conveyor. Raisers or Lowers. Swings Left or Right 45°

♦ Cutting Head Width: 38"

♦ Cutting Head Max Height: 72"

♦ Cutting Head Sump: 16"

BC 1530.jpg

BC 1530

Conveyor systems are an integral part of the mining process. Over time, conditions in belt entries deteriorate, and in some cases, threaten mine productivity. The 30” tall BC 1530 was designed to remove material accumulations along the full width of the belt entry, clearing material underneath the belt structure, and transferring it to the conveyor, leaving a smooth and graded floor.

15’ wide Cutting Head Auger

♦ Main Body built under 30” height 

♦ Transfer Conveyor loads material onto main line belt 

♦ Modular design for transport and setup 

♦ Remote Control Operation 

♦ 250 hp 575 VAC motor 

♦ Adjustable Speed Track Drive 

♦ 45,000 lb

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